Housing Mix

Housing to Fit Your Lifestyle

housing_mix_image3Sophisticated downtown apartments close to work and an exciting mix of restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Access to mass transit within walking distance. Farther out, classic family-friendly suburban living.

Whatever the setting, Concord has affordability, availability and amenities seen nowhere else in the Bay Area. That means a generous mix of housing in desirable neighborhoods, convenient transportation, and lifestyle perks such as shopping, entertainment and recreation.

housing_mix_image2We’re growing in Concord, with a communitywide interest in offering outstanding career opportunities and an unsurpassed quality of life. As the Bay Area’s next big business hub, Concord has a lot to offer ­– but we haven’t overlooked the life-work connection in Concord’s ambitious plans for the future.

In Concord’s bright, energetic downtown, with Todos Santos Plaza as the centerpiece, we’re developing a visionary plan for new housing, shopping, dining and entertainment to build upon the bustling scene already going on there now.

Over time, we’re looking at 3,400 more downtown housing units within a 15-minute walk from BART, almost 1 million additional square feet of office space, and ¾-million square feet of retail, all with accompanying amenities such as extra wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, outdoor seating and bike lanes.

When it comes to rent, you can live downtown near BART for significantly less per month than what you’d pay in San Francisco. If you’re buying, Concord has some of the best values in the Bay Area, in both urban and suburban settings.

housing_mix_image1Outside of downtown, you’ll find a range of living styles, from apartments to new construction to classic mid-century modern suburban developments. Concord has wonderful examples of the ultra-livable Eichler homes designed by Joseph Eichler, a visionary pioneering architect of post-war suburban development.

Combine that with an extensive offering of parks, recreational facilities, neighborhood and city services, and a progressive, forward-looking city, and you’re looking at a community with much to offer and the brightest of futures.  We invite you to make Concord a part of your plans.