Business Owners

We know you’re proud of your business and that you do all you can to make it succeed. In Concord, we’re proud, too – proud to help business owners achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Here, you’ll find a better fit for your business.

business_owners_image1With Concord’s unique combination of mass transit accessibility, affordable office and residential space, family life amenities and business-friendly philosophy, it’s no wonder Concord is emerging as the Bay Area’s next big business hub. Concord offers ready access to San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, the growing North Bay and Sacramento, as well as some of the world’s leading universities.

See what Concord has to offer and we’re certain you’ll be impressed by the sense of community you’ll find in a city that understands how a thriving local economy drives benefits for all. That’s why Concord is the largest city in scenic Contra Costa County, the leader in businesses, jobs and retail sales.

If you’re looking for room to grow or a place to get started, Concord has more than 3.5 million square feet of Class A office space – for about a quarter of what you’d pay in San Francisco and about half of Walnut Creek rates – plus 350,000 square feet of retail in the pipeline. Concord is easily accessible with two BART stations, quick access to three freeways and a public-use airport.

City leadership and staff actively work to reduce paperwork and red tape. They are proud of their community and are committed to doing their best to help it grow and build a strong future. They pay personal attention in helping you access Concord’s wide range of local and state business programs such as planning tools, funding programs and R&D tax credits. Application forms that typically run 50 pages are just a few pages in Concord, where city staff skillfully and efficiently guide you through any business-related process.

Concord offers favorable home prices, an educated workforce and a robust retail environment, and when the workday is done, Concord is a great place to enjoy time with your family and a world-renowned metropolitan region is just a quick trip away.

Word is spreading that Concord’s drive to build a high-growth business community is paying off, and visionary business leaders don’t want to be left out. Come see why Concord is a better fit for your business.