Brokers & Developers

In Concord, we’re all about setting the stage for growth and economic development – and following through with steady momentum.

brokers_developers_image1We’re eager to talk to brokers and developers. We’re excited by bold plans, ambitious proposals and innovative ideas. Encouraging strong business goals and objectives is at the heart of Concord’s philosophy as a business-friendly community.

As the largest city in Contra Costa County – and its No. 1 job center – Concord offers a wide range of commercial properties, housing selection, and recreational and entertainment opportunities. We are within easy travel distance of the entire Bay Area, and beyond, with a variety of transportation options. There are more than 50 higher-learning campuses within a 20-mile radius.

Concord’s focus on lifestyle is reflected in our quiet neighborhoods, well-maintained park system, convenient shopping centers and distinctive downtown.

When it comes to the local economy, you’ll find a healthy balance in Concord’s mix of small and midsize businesses such as light industrial, R&D, high-tech manufacturing, biotech firms, and companies that service the nearby refineries and medical industry.

Meanwhile, visionary multi-use planning is underway for Concord’s decommissioned U.S. Naval Weapons Station, a prime spot for future development.

Throughout Concord, companies looking to expand or relocate can choose from existing sites, custom-build, or buy and develop sites themselves.

We’re confident that when you consider Concord’s dynamic combination of affordable real estate, attractive business districts, convenient mass transit options, attractive lifestyle amenities and creative flexibility, you’ll find a place for us in your plans.

Contact us today to learn more and become a part of Concord’s success story.