Fast Facts

Concord’s demographics at a glance.
Distance of Concord to major Bay Area locations.
What kind of transportation is available in and around Concord?
What are your Top 3 selling points for interested businesses?
Do you have any programs that benefit first-time homebuyers?
What do you have in place related to planning in Concord?
We love sports, recreation and the outdoors. What opportunities are available in Concord?
Tell me about Concord’s entertainment scene.
We’re interested in Concord as a retirement community. What services do you have for seniors?
What opportunities do you have for volunteering?
How can I keep up with what’s going on in Concord?
Do you have a handy list of telephone numbers?
What is Concord’s stance on cyclists, and what do you do to encourage bicycling as a transportation option?
I don’t know much about Concord and its background but I’d like to know more. How can I find out?
A few stats on Concord’s workforce